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Black Hawk County Sheriff Releases 2023 Annual Report

The Black Hawk County Sheriff’s Office released their 2023 Annual Report to the public Tuesday, indicating that calls for service increased for the year, but crime rates decreased slightly. Sheriff Tony Thompson said that he is pleased with the overall results of crime statistics and what his staff has been able to achieve this past year.

Reportable offenses decreased from 491 to 467 between 2022 and 2023. Drug violations increased slightly, going from 157 cases in 2022 to 206 in 2023. Calls for service doubled in 2023, going from 6,888 in 2022 to 13,302 last year. Arrests went up slightly, but overall crime went down year-over-year. Sheriff Thompson says activity for the jail has proven to be a perplexing aspect.

Sheriff Thompson won’t be running for re-election in 2024, so this will be his final annual report, as his successor will release this year’s figures next January.  He says he feels pride in what he and his staff have been able to achieve over the years.


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